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Woofest It’s a Dogs World

Woofest,  On Saturday March 19,2011 the canine population held their 2nd annual Woofest at Islamorada, in the Conch Republic.  The Canines organized races, diving competition and free treats for all.  Hundreds of Conch Canines attended the all day event.      CANINES WARMING UP FOR RACE


  Islamorada,  Conch Republic .......Thursday March 10, 2011   In an unprecedented action the King of Conch announced that the Republic has called in world famed crocodile hunter  Crocodile Dumb Dumb  after a 9 - 12' croc joined the afternoon margarita floating party in the world famed margarita canal on plantation key.  It is not sure at [...]

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Full Moon Beach Celebration – A 300-year Tradition

Starting over 350 years ago by our forefathers this celebration continues today. Forever linked to mischievous, mad behavior, the moon that hangs over this festivity certainly follows suit. As it rises, it illuminates the bay and casts a glow on the ever-expanding crowd. The celebration consists of many smaller gatherings in one as guests move [...]

War of 2009

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Stone Crab season starts Strong

We shall all eat well this year.   The first 3 weeks of the season sets new record for stone crab.

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