It’s that time Again

The 2011-2012 season runs through May 15. Steam, crack, plate and eat. FLORIDA KEYS — Bring on the dipping sauce! As of Oct.15, stone crab claws, brought fresh to shore from Florida Keys waters, are being harvested to be steamed, cracked, plated and served dipped in melted butter or a savory mustard sauce.During the seven-month-long [...]

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Lion Fish on the Attach

Lionfish still attacking Florida Keys Permit needed to catch invasive species in some areas BY ALEX PRESS Citizen Staff Florida Keys' coral reefs are still under attack by the invasive lionfish. Keri Kenning, of the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF), said the fish is devastating to marine ecosystems here. "Lionfish eat snapper, grouper, Spanish hogfish, [...]

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Planning the Perfect Fishing Trip

If you're hoping to take a fishing trip within The Conch Republic, then you will no doubt want to make sure that everything goes perfectly to plan. Of course, you can never guarantee that you'll make the perfect catch, but there are one or two other things which you may wish to bear in mind [...]

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Crocodile Attachs Ignites New Calls for Complete Independece of The Conch Republic.

Tempers ran high as Conch are told that Crocodiles have more rights than our children. In a ridiculous show of force, the foreign military tribunal, controlling this small nation has declared that citizens should fence in their properties in an attempt to save their children and pets from crocodile attacks. This subject came up after [...]

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Royal Navy of The Conch Republic needs your help!!!

As financial and political conditions continue to decline in neighboring countries the Royal Family of the Conch Republic is requesting assistance from all Conchs by registering their water vehicles for use by Homeland Security in the event of further unrest with our neighbors to the north (United States), east (Cuba) and west (Mexico). The Republic [...]

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