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The Conch Republic via a Guest Blogger

  This week, we welcome Chris Tucker's contribution to the Chris's personal blog can be found here.   The Conch republic is a society unto itself. Located in the city of Key West, Florida, this micro nation was formed as a simple protest. The Conch Republic seceded from the rest of the United States as a [...]

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Civil War Declared

After years of unfair taxation, Fee’s without representation and total disregard for the concerns of the people, leaders of the provisional government of the Northernmost Territory of the Conch Republic, today declared freedom and independence from the tyrants in Key West. At a Ceremony held at Snappers, a popular watering hole, attended by True Conch, [...]

Board Approves Remake of Key West’s New Town

The Key West Planning Board on Thursday approved a development agreement with Spottswood Companies, Inc. that gives developer Robert Spottswood five years, with a possible five-year extension, to totally reshape the entrance to Key West. The Planning Board approval will go to the City Commission for the final go-ahead, most likely at the commission’s Feb. [...]

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Biking in the Florida Keys

Since I was young, biking has always been a passion of mine. While I am more often able to spend the day on the bike trails of Markham or Oleta State Park, I also enjoy biking in the beautiful Florida Keys when I’m able to get there. In today’s post, I’ll give some guidelines and [...]

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