Tempers ran high as Conch are told that Crocodiles have more rights than our children. In a ridiculous show of force, the foreign military tribunal, controlling this small nation has declared that citizens should fence in their properties in an attempt to save their children and pets from crocodile attacks. This subject came up after a 75# dog was taken from a private residence yard by a 10 ‘ crockadile. As members of the military establishment in the small republic which claim its independence from the United States over 25 years ago in a fierce battle with foreign troops resulting in the formation of the independent Conch Republic.  Today's attitudes by its foreign rulers have provoked new calls for total independence. The King of the Conch Republic in a written statement has informed all subjects that the Royal family reports the removal of all crocodiles from our waters, as a matter of safety. He claims his full support for those attempting to make our waterways and home safe. In a show of solidarity that King boarded his private yacht to hunt crocodiles. In a speech attended by thousands, King Ronald V, reminds all Conchs, that like their forefathers, they must stand up against the foreign military establishment controlling our country. The Conch Republic has a long history of foreign control starting with the Spanish followed by the English and then the Americans.